in a box of chocolates



Be a reference as Premium and exclusive box of chocolates, through the development of a filled gourmet product with emblematic aromas and flavors of Ecuador. We want to show “ECUADOR... IN A BOX OF CHOCOLATES”.

We are a passionate team about chocolate and Ecuador, the most biodiverse country per square meter. We embarked on this project with the aim of showing the world the unique characteristics of the country.

At the same time, we empower poor local communities through the exchange of knowledge and experiences, generated from products grown and worked from generation to generation.

The most diverse country in the world, Ecuador, inspires BeCocoa to work with the best cocoa in the world, “Arriba –Nacional”. Its unique geographical conditions enrich the sublime flavors and aroma of our products. Our passion is to promote our identity through products and services of the highest quality, thus honoring the country of the best cocoa in the world. Its raw materials come mainly from local and community producers, priorizing sustainable practices and fair trade.




Small farmers grow 95% of the cocoa produce in Ecuador. BeCocoa only works with them, who produce organic and fair trade cocoa, they have been working this crop from generations. “Cocoa is an emblematic product from Ecuador”.

"Passionate entrepreneurs, we found our pad on the way, to create exquisite and exclusive flavours that emphasize the qualities of different parts of Ecuador.

BeCocoa started providing Ecuadorian intermediate products such as cocoa paste from specific regions in Ecuador. In Ecuador we find unique cocoa organoleptic profiles, whether they come from the Amazon, the highlands “ Andes” or the coast.

At the initiation of the project we visited several cocoa plantations in Ecuador from the north to the south of the country, in order to understand the post harvesting. From there at a laboratory level we developed several cocoa pastes recipes in order to select the best cocoa paste that align with the range of flavours we wanted to developed. After conducting research, tests and trials, very high quality chocolates were created with projection to be exported worldwide.


BeCocoa flavours combine the perfect balance to feel the paradise in every bite. It has a perfect taste experience for the most exigent chocolate palates. BeCocoa is more than a product; it is a concept that seeks to promote the Ecuador to the world.

A premium chocolate, an ode to good taste, is what is inside each of their presentations, real culinary gems.




Pralines in different flavours is the surprise that encloses each of the BeCocoa boxes, where all senses are seduced by these small works of art, the ideal companion to create unforgettable memories.

To be the only reference of a unique, exclusive and top quality praline box. Filling gourmet chocolates with emblematic Ecuadorian flavours and aromas, “Ecuador in a box of chocolate”

“Every business relationship is unique… the same applies to every gift you give”. BeCocoa chocolates as a present demonstrate your impeccable taste for the quality and harmonious combination of a luxury gift.

BeCocoa for corporate gifts enables you to add a personalized logo, lending your gift a real personal touch. We offer a range of ideal gift solutions for your business contacts, staff and company events. A unique present that will enhance with elegance your brand.


At BeCocoa we use not only the best cacao, also the best and most emblematic ingredients our land can produce, by processing them in optimal way that can be perceive from the five senses: visual, aroma, flavour or taste, sound and texture.



At BeCocoa we do not neglect any detail, we created one of the finest chocolates that a person can taste.

1) Analysing the market in relation on what Ecuador can offer
At BeCocoa every decision that has been made is with a reason, from a market concept point of view to the final attribute our products we have.
The development of each recipes is from a market concept, selection of quality raw material, replication various recipes, production and sensory evaluation.

2) Selecting our cocoa paste
Previous selections of different organoleptic pastes from different regions of Ecuador were analyzed. At the begining of the project we visited several cocoa plantations in Ecuador, in order to understand the post harvesting in fermentation and drying processes. From there at a laboratory level we developed several trials in order to reach an exotic blend that align with the flavors we wanted to develop. The diversity of Ecuador gives us more than 100 different flavors, with this mixture we can have a unique exotic blend. The flora and fauna associated with cocoa crops contribute to a natural diversity often endangered and threatened with extinction.

3) Identifying complement ingredients that makes the perfect flavour marriage and the history of Ecuador
We create exquisite and exclusive flavors that emphasize the qualities of different regions of Ecuador, where these small works of art seduce all senses. The ingredients we use come from local suppliers. From the Achuar, Shuar and the Indians of the Andes, coffee from Galápagos, passion fruit and salt gourmet from the Coast. Creating jobs throughout the production chain and not just selling raw materials, finished product selling “specialty origin” gourmet quality.

4) Chocolate Sensory Evaluation
Appearance  / LOOK Brightness, uniformity, color, smooths. " The visual part must be as attractive as the taste "

Aroma / SMELL We delight a wide range of aromas, the " Cacao Arriba " with aromas: cocoa, nut, floral and fruity acid.

Texture / TOUCH Externally the chocolate has to be smooth, not rough, it melts in your hand, Internally in the mouth should be fine, smooth it melts easily, without feeling lumps.

Flavor / TASTE The most important and pleasurable of a chocolate with a pleasant, sweet taste, cocoa, floral, fruity, nutty, and bitter at the end.

Sound /LISTEN Break a piece of chocolate, the noise it makes “Snap”


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